Best way to earn money as a kid or teenage

 Best way to earn money as a kid or teenage

Best way to earn money as a kid or teenage

In some develop countries where the country itself is full of riches, children don't need to work except they are above 18 years, why does that happen ? it is because they are being fed by their parents or guardian throughout the underage times, some may even exceed 18 years which is the approved age to be an adult and still they won't work it is all because there is someone feeding, clothing and paying their bills.

 Nowadays many people are striving to survive including the kids, teenage and grown adults especially in under develop countries, this make us go into our deep research to find a easy way for people to earn most especially the kids.

We have come into conclusion on 5 ways in which kids can earn money easily :

1. Gaming : 

 Gaming is a playing of electronic games either by mobile phones, laptops or consoles.
 A person who often play games is called gamer or hardcore gamer.
So to earn like a gamer is so easy than you think, you can earn as a gamer by involving in one or two forms I'll be listed below :

-Getting paid for playing games : there's a lot of games on the internet that you will earn when playing such as Bitcoin blast and others.

- Open a YouTube channel : there's thousands of gamers on YouTube earning by playing live games but mind you when if you want to earn as a gamer and also a youtuber you must play a game which you know is enticing, interesting and mind blowing such games are PUBG and others.

2. Become a freelancer :

 Freelancer is an act or process in which ones to his or her skills into cash, it can also be described by the process in which a particular skills is monetize.

Age doesn't discriminate anyone to be a freelancer, to be a freelancer is one of the easiest things, just acquire a skills, it may be graphic designing, web designing, Social media page grower and others.

3. Survey : 

With survey websites kids can as well earn also like the adults. To know if you are eligible for a survey, check out websites like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie. You may be rewarded in cash, points, or gift cards if you comply, trust me non of your time will waste if you involve in this survey, You will be compensated for your time in any case.

4. Getting a YouTube Channel : 

 YouTube has grown so much in popularity over the past ten years, as many of you as know that youTube is one of the platform in which you can earn money by monetize your video similar to blogging monetizing contents, you can take up any niche in which you are expert on that you can perfectly work on it to achieve the goals, many young people always be depressed about the day when they will become famous on YouTube. With a few subscribers, you can simply monetize your videos similarly to blogging.

5. Baby Sitting :

Babysitting is much like a youngster job, For those 13 years old and older, it's a fantastic choice. On social media, you can promote your services and people will patronize you, when you're good in it you will be patronize a lot and got referred to lot of people. You can also register on one of the many websites that offer babysitting services. The advertising is handled those platforms only while you do the job which makes it simple for potential clients to locate you.


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