Different types of investments and simple investment strategy

 Different types of investments and simple investment strategy

Different types of investments and simple investment strategy

 Investment is the process by which a resource or asset is accrued in order to generate a long time or a short time revenue from the resources or asset invested.

 In other hand investment may be described in terms of some resources as an act of buying an asset that bought when they haven't cost but later resell in the nearest future to generate more income.

 The resources or asset may be land, machines, buildings, shares buying, crypto currency etc.

With all what I listed, I will elaborate on how you can invest with those few assets or resources listed above with their strategy :

Land :

 As we all know land is a free gift of nature, but not end with that, they are still ways you can make an investment out of land by buying it in a low price and later selling it at higher price, you may be thinking how can it be done as I explained above but trust me sometimes patience is the key, you may start up by buying land in an area that is not develop which is not going to cost you big money then wait till the area becomes civilize by then you are going to sell the land and make lot of out of the land.

Buildings : 

 Building is one of the tangible long time fixed assets that ever been, you may be wonder how buildings makes an investment to you, for example building a house for rent, puting up a shop for rent, poultry for rent, all this will generate you a great income either yearly or weekly.

Buying of shares :

 Buying of shares isn't just a minute thing, to buy a share you need to analyze the investment you are investing on, to know how much you will make, for example buying shares with dangote company, banks and others.

 Buying of shares is also one of the best investment so far if you deal with a profitable and well establish company but it may be a long time or short time base on your plan.

Crypto currency investment :

Crypto currency investment

As we all know that crypto currency is well known for it ranging price, today it may rise tomorrow the price may fall but when investing in crypto you've to open up your brain, because it deals with analysis particularly when buying, you have to buy when the price is low and sell when the price is higher boom you've make your money.

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