Parental control on YouTube : Guide your kids on how to use YouTube


Parental control on YouTube : Guide your kids on how to use YouTube

when watching videos, for example, can be difficult to comprehend why kids watch them, but youngsters simply cannot get enough of YouTube. According to a recent Common Sense Media research, young people now spend more time watching internet videos than they do watching TV, playing video games, or using social media.

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Without a doubt, YouTube has fun and informative videos suitable for children. Unfortunately, there are a ton of videos out there with totally unsuitable adult content, some of which are violent, and which you would most definitely not want your children to see.

Fortunately, you can take some actions to limit what your kids see on YouTube. The YouTube parental controls listed below can be used to make YouTube a safer for your children.

Setting up Restriction Mode :

It may take some time and effort to set up Restricted Mode because you must do it not just for only computer or mobile device that the kids use to watch YouTube, but also for each browser on each device. 

Content that is improper for viewers under 18 is tagged in Restricted Mode. If it involves profanity, violence, nudity, dangerous activities, or other more mature material, YouTube may label the content as "restricted" or the content's authors may do it themselves. Your child won't see any of those flagged films if Restricted Mode is activated.


Open your child's YouTube account on a computer, then click on their profile symbol in the top right corner to activate Restricted Mode. After turning it on at the very bottom of the menu, close the browser. For the most basic configuration of YouTube parental controls, that is all that is required.


On a mobile device, the procedure is identical, except to enable Restricted Mode, you must first touch Settings. Repeat these steps on every browser and device your child uses to access YouTube. (Don't forget to list any phones the child may have access to; you might also want to read our guide to the safest first phones for kids, which all have decent parental control features.)

YouTube app for mainly kids :

You can restrict your kids in using YouTube if you want to go the additional mile. The YouTube app for iPhone and Android smartphones seeks to give children between the ages of preschool and tween access to age-appropriate video content. Along with providing kids with safer content, it also allows parents more control over what their children watch by enabling them to set timers to limit screen time, ban certain content, and turn off the search function. In order to control exactly what their children are watching, parents can create a playlist of sorts with the media they want them to be exposed to. They can then activate the "Approved Content Only" setting.

Go through their previous views :

 it's a good idea to regularly check in on what they're watching by looking at their viewing history. Log into their account and select Library to access it. All of the YouTube videos they've viewed are listed there. Even though they spend a lot of time watching videos, if you discover that their history is empty, that may be a sign that they are watching something that they don't want you to know about and then deleting it.

Tap on Recommended, then swipe until you locate Watch It Again videos to see what they've been viewing on YouTube Kids. You may view what they've been watching on the app there.

The Google Safe Search setting : 

Unfortunately, unsuitable content may be found all over the internet, not only on YouTube. You can also enable Google SafeSearch, which was created to screen out explicit content such as pornography and violence, to help you further manage their access to unrecognized websites.

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To Enable Google Safe search :

Go to to enable Google Safe Search, Tap Settings, followed by Search Settings, at the bottom of the page. After that, you'll be directed to a page where you can activate SafeSearch by checking a box. 

The conclusion regarding YouTube's parental restrictions :

The stuff your child watches can be cleaned up with these measures, but there are no guarantees. Sadly, there are people out there who will do everything in their power to try to watch inappropriate content in where it shouldn't be. Smart kids can figure out ways around controls.

The greatest thing parents can do is to activate the parental controls that are available to them, talk to their children openly and honestly, and set expectations for what they are and are not permitted to watch. Tell them you'll be keeping a tight eye on them and that it's their responsibility to alert you if they ever notice something that goes against those restrictions.

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