How To Cook Jellof Rice And Procedures To Follow [Step by Step]

 How To Cook Jellof Rice And Procedures To Follow [Step by Step]

How To Cook Jellof Rice And Procedures To Follow [Step by Step]

 Jellof rice is known for it's rich in nutritious and delicious taste. Jollof rice is one of the most commonly dishes in West African which was eaten in regions of Nigeria, Ghana, Togo,Gambia, Mali, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Cameroun, Senegal,  and Liberia. It is a very nice dish, which is made from the scratch using some ingredient like Rice, peppers, Tomatoes, Pimento, Tomato paste, Scotch bonnet, Onions, Salt, and other spices.

 however, Many Countries in West Africa have their own styles of cooking jellof rice. Jellof rice may be cooked according to your budget and mind you there's not amount of money that can't cook it, But trust me the one which is cooked with high budget will always have high nutrition and accurate taste.

Ingredients used in cooking jollof or jellof rice are :

Roma tomatoes
Red bell pepper
Scotch bonnet peppers ( they are sometimes called habanero peppers)
Groundnut oil
Tomato paste
Parboiled rice
Chicken stock
Salt to taste
Curry powder
And other purpose seasoning
Knorr stock cube
Bay leaves

How To Cook Jellof Rice [Step to follow]

Cooking Jellof rice requires patience and wiseness, If you pour your ingredients into the pot in a hurry the rice will end up as a "concoction.
But if you don't want to end up cooking concoction, you have to follow all this steps accordingly :

  • The first steps to follow when cooking this meal is to start by slicing the Onions. This should take about 2 to 4 minutes. 

  • The next phase is to stir the Tomato paste together, stiring it adds to tomato flavor and  simply fry this for 5 minutes or more.

  • Ginger and garlic should be added to the tomato paste and cooked for a further two minutes. You'll be able to smell it once this is finished. If you cook it any longer, it may probably spoil the cooking.
  • Blended pepper should be added tho there's no predetermined time for frying this pepper. make sure you stop cooking when the sauce becomes so thick that the oil appears to float on top of the sauce, that will makes the water has evaporated and makes sure the sauce doesn't smell raw anymore. If you're still not sure, I will prescribe 20 to 25 minutes depending on how much water is in your blended pepper. But trust me, you'll know.

  • Makes sure you complete the flavouring by adding the thyme, curry powder, salt, white pepper (great but optional), and seasoning cubes. 

  • At this stage, taste and adjust the spice if necessary. Once the taste is okay just add the rice. Make sure you wash the rice to avoid starch. 

  • After you're done with that also add the chicken stock. After giving it a brief stir, carefully cover the container with a lid. 

  • If the lid is not secure enough, just wrap the rice in foil paper before covering it, This is as a result of Jollof needing a lot of steam to succeed.

  • Once, the rice is boil, reduce the heat to medium-low immediately and continue to cook.

  • The rice must be cooked for 20 to 25 minutes.

And may be Serve with fried chicken, spicy grilled chicken, grilled tilapia fish, or plantains and gizzards base on your budget.

Nigerian Jellof Rice vs Ghanaian Jellof Rice?
Who’s Jellof rice is better?

Nigerian Jellof Rice vs Ghanaian Jellof Rice? Who’s Jellof rice is better?

Nigerian Jellof Rice is good and Ghanaian Jellof also better, but when we are talking about who knows how to cook jellof rice especially between Ghana and Nigeria. I just know that properly made jollof rice will taste great. Personally, I think it has more to do with an individual's culinary abilities to cook the meal than a country norms.

Things To Avoid When Cooking Jellof Rice :

Their is Do and Don't when cooking this meal, this are the thing you have to put into precautions when cooking jellof :

  • Avoid Rotten or spoiled ingredients to avoid disorder in the food taste.
  • Do not be busy with anything, just concentrate on the cooking to avoid food burns.
  • Make sure there's not stoppage when cooking make sure, you take care of it all.

What type of rice is best for Jollof or Jellof Rice?

Several types of rice can be used to make jollof rice but you used long grain parboiled rice for this recipe, which has also been soaked, steamed, and dried. The hull in the long grain is  removed to produce parboiled rice. Due to the starch being changed by steaming and the rice's capacity to absorb nutrients, the rice cooks into a firmer, less sticky dish than traditional white rice.

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