Isbae U Biography, Career, Marriage and Net Worth

 Isbae U Biography, Career, Marriage and Net Worth

Isbae U Biography, Career, Marriage and Net Worth

Isbae U is a well-known Nigerian comedian, YouTuber, actor, and social media personality. His real name is Adebayo Ridwan Abidemi. After making an appearance in Mr. Macaroni's comedy movie, he became well-known.
Isbae U is well known for his amusing short skits in which he portrays comedy characters.

Isbae U Biography

Adebayo Ridwan Abidemi, better known online as Isbae "Bae" U Barbie, is a 27-year-old Nigerian actor, comedian, and social media personality.
He is a cartoon character best recognized for his funny one-act plays.
He was born and raised in the southwest of Nigeria by his Yoruba parents. Isbae U is a Yoruba-speaking native of southwest Nigeria.

Isbae U Early Life

Isbae "Bae" U was born in Lagos on April 5, 1995. In the city of Lagos, he spent his formative years.

Isbae U Career

Isbae 'Bae' U Barbie was born in Lagos City in the mid-1990s. His father, Nollywood veteran Kamal Adebayo, is an accomplished actor.
Following in his father's footsteps, Ismail alias Isbae U made the decision to pursue acting and entered the Nollywood scene.
After some time, he started making comedic videos and started posting them on YouTube and Instagram.
He became well-known in 2019 after being mentioned in a comedian named Mr. Macaroni's Instagram joke.
Since then, he has made significant progress in the industry and frequently publishes humorous videos for the entertainment of his followers.

Is Isbae U Married ?

He has never been married and is not a parent. He has chosen to keep the identity of his current girlfriend a mystery, though.
Kemz Mama and Isbae 'Bae' U Barbie supposedly had a relationship.

Isbae U Net Worth

Isbae U, a gifted comedian and skit creator, is thought to be worth $300,000.
The affluent content creator makes money by renting out advertising space on his humorous YouTube videos, which is how he amassed his riches.

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