Shina Peters Biography, Early Life, Education, Career, Personal Life, Songs, Albums, Social Media Handles And Net Worth

 Shina Peters Biography, Early Life, Education, Career, Personal Life, Songs, Albums, Social Media Handles And Net Worth

Shina Peters Biography, Early Life, Education, Career, Personal Life, Songs, Albums, Social Media Handles And Net Worth

 Akanbi Oluwashina Peters is a Nigerian Juju musician better known by his stage name Sir Shina Peters, Born on May 30, 1958, in Ogun State.

He belonged to the same family as Victoria Asake and Emmanuel Adakun Peters. He is well-known as the "Oba of Nigerian Music."

Shina Peters Biography

Oluwashina Akanbi Peters, often known as Sir Shina Peters, was born on May 30, 1958. He is a well-known Nigerian afro-juju singer and songwriter. 

Shina Peter's studio album, "Way To Freedom," was published in 1990.

He is regarded as one of the pioneers of juju music in Nigeria. He is well-known and highly esteemed in the Nigerian music scene.

Let's sneak a peak at some intriguing information about the renowned Juju singer.

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Shina Peters Early Life and Education

Shina Peters was born and raised in Ogun State together with his parents and brothers. His heart was stolen by music when he was young.

He began his musical career when he was young by playing shows as Olushina and His Twelve Fantastic Brothers with friends.

He worked on his piano talents with his friends, eventually joining Ebenezer Obey's band. He then left Ebenezer Obey and joined General Prince Adekunle's band as a guitarist.

The Western Hotel, Palm Beach Hotel, and Executive Hotel were among the places in Lagos where the Adekunle band performed.

Peters periodically filled in as the lead singer when Adekunle was unwell. He left Adekunle's band to launch Segun Adewale and Shina Adewale. But in the end, the pair broke up.

Shina Peters career

Shina Peters co-wrote a number of songs in the 1980s with Segun Adewale before starting his own band, "Sir Shina Peters & His International Stars."

Shina Peters is a musician and actor who appears in the Ola Balogun-directed film Money Power. After meeting Clarion Chukwura, he started dating her.

Ace (Afro-Juju Series 1), the debut album by Sir Shina Peters and his International Stars, was made available in 1989.

The record was distributed by Nigeria's CBS Records and earned two platinum awards. The record, which was produced by Laolu Akins, combines juju with afrobeat.

The fast-paced rhythmic pulse of the Afro juju musical style is combined with the sounds of the saxophone, guitar, and electronic synthesizers.

Particularly in "Ijo Shina," the lyrics on the record were a bit risqué for the period.

Thanks to the album, Peters was able to win artist of the year and album of the year honors at the Nigerian Musical Awards.

He released "Shinamania" after his album "Ace," which had the songs "Oluwa Yo Pese," "Omo Bo," and "Give Our Women a Chance."

Sir Shina Peters has released 16 albums since initially becoming famous.

Shina Peters Personal Life

In the entertainment business, the Peters family has a long history. It is reported that Shina Peters and Clarion Chukwura first began dating while working together on the 1980s Nollywood classic "Money Powers" set.

Shina Peters and Clarion Chukwura came up with the idea for Clarence Peters, a well-known music video producer. Shina Peters and Clarion Chukwura were unable to get married.

Sammie Ayoka Peters and Shina Peters got hitched in 1983. The other two children they had together were named Seyi Peters and Clinton Peters.

Shina Peters Songs and Albums

  • Mr. President (1993)
  • My Child (1994)
  • Kilode (1995)
  • Love (1996)
  • Reunion (1997)
  • Way to Freedom (1980)
  • Freedom (1981)
  • Money Power (1982)
  • Ko Temi fun mi (1984)
  • Sewele (1986)
  • Ace “Afro Juju Series 1 (1989)
  • Shinamania (1990)
  • Dancing Time (1991)
  • Experience (1992)
  • Playmate (1999)
  • Happy Hour (2001)
  • Pay Back Time (2005)
  • Splendour (2006)
  • D one 4 me (2012)

Shina Peters gives out awards for album and artist of the year at the Nigerian Musical Awards.

Shina Peters Social Media

Social media: @afrojujushinapeter on Instagram, ShinaPeters on YouTube @PetersShina

Shina Peters Net Worth

Shina Peters is thought to have a net worth of $1.5 million. The well-known juju singer has accumulated wealth through his music and live performances.

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