Sotayo Sobola Biography, Early Years, Education, Career, Marriage, Nomination, Movies, Social Media Accounts And Net Worth

 Sotayo Sobola Biography, Early Years, Education, Career, Marriage, Nomination, Movies, Social Media Accounts And Net Worth

Sotayo Sobola Biography, Early Years, Education, Career, Marriage, Nomination, Movies, Social Media Accounts And Net Worth

Tayo Sobola is a Nigerian actress, producer, philanthropist, and businesswoman. Sotayo Ogaga is her stage name.

The actress has a lot of acting talent, and people like her as a result.

Additionally, Sotayo established the apparel business Clean Stitches in 2018. Additionally, she sells cosmetics and operates an online store where customers can buy her products. Lip Stain, an eye-catching lipstick color, is one of her best-selling products.

Shade Omoniyi Biography

She is a well-known brand ambassador, a model, and a successful businesswoman in the fashion sector. She established Clean Stitches. The first release took place in 2018. Additionally, she runs an online store where clients can buy her products. She is extremely interested in cosmetics. She sells cosmetics, including Lip Stain. She was born in the Ogun state of southern Nigeria. She was born on December 28th, 1985.

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Sotayo Sobola Early Years

Sotayo stated in an interview that her family was polygamous. The actress was born on December 28, 1985. Her mother was a Muslim, but her father was a Christian.

The actress states that when she was younger, she lived with my mother and that because she was so domineering and strict with her, she was never allowed to mingle or go out. The actress also revealed that her mother's nickname was "Thatcher" because of how strict she was, and that she frequently told her to stay in her room after school. Sotayo believed her mother was unkind at the time since she even forbade her from meeting her family. Because she is conscious of the motivations guiding her behavior, she recently refuted such assumptions. She also believes that having a strict mother as a child has made her a better person.

However, because of her upbringing, she did have a certain youthful vitality. She used to sneak out of the house every now and then to attend performances. Everything came to a head when someone showed up at her house with images she had taken at an event and offered them to her in front of her mother.

The pictures were interesting because they had dates on them, which surprised her mother and made her wonder how she had managed to attend the events on those days.

When Sotayo began to gain popularity, her mother wasn't really pleased because she thought she was losing her mind. Arguments and objections followed as a result, but she wasn't deterred, and all that happened after is now history because her mother now firmly supports her.

Sotayo Sobola Education

 Sotayo obtained a Diploma in Law from Lagos State University before completing a Bachelor of Public Administration degree at Olabisi Onabanjo University.

Sotayo Sobola Career

Sotayo entered the entertainment business through modeling. Later, she would also give hosting and appearing in music videos a shot. Although she currently performs in both Yoruba and English films, she started out acting in English movies.

The actress began her career in English-language Nollywood movies before deciding to work only in Yoruba movies. She claims that because she thinks her English is more fluid and that she can act more convincingly in English than she can in Yoruba, she feels very comfortable acting in English-language movies.

Sotayo has appeared in many films since her debut. She also produces films. Corper Jide, a recently released movie by Sotayo, earned a lot of positive reviews. It's intriguing that the actress said her encounter with sexual harassment gave her the inspiration for the movie. She also mentioned that Corper Jide was one of her most challenging films to date. She asserted that she had to play a persona that was uncharacteristic of her and that this needed her to make several challenging adjustments.

She had to travel to the Ghetto and learn the language for her roles in the incredibly challenging movies Moremi and the Fighting Chance. For the part, she also needed a short haircut.

Sotayo Sobola Marriage

She recently got married to a Nassarawa local. She now serves as the Queen Mother of Nassarawa as a result of her marriage to her husband.

Sotayo Sobola Recognition And Nomination

She was nominated for and took home the Most Promising Actress of the Year and Best New Yoruba Actress awards at the 2015 City People's Entertainment Awards.

Sotayo Sobola Movies

She has contributed to many films as a writer, producer, and actor, including:

  • Bella
  • Idakeji Ife
  • Egan
  • Corper Jide
  • Arewa Onijogbon

Sotayo Sobola Social Media Handle

The Sotayo Sobola social media accounts

She is a regular Internet user. She goes under the name:

Instagram user Sotayogaga has 208 posts and 2.5 million followers.

Twitter user Tayosobola has 333 followers.

Sotayo Sobola Net Worth

Her estimated total wealth is $600,000.

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