Bidemi Kosoko Biography, Early Life, Education, Career, Marriage, Husband, Children, Father, Mother, Step Mother, Instagram Account And Net Worth


 Bidemi Kosoko Biography, Early Life, Education, Career, Marriage, Husband, Children, Father, Mother, Step Mother, Instagram Account And Net WorthBidemi Kosoko Biography, Early Life, Education, Career, Marriage, Husband, Children, Father, Mother, Step Mother, Instagram Account And Net Worth

Bidemi Kosoko was born in Lagos, Southwest Nigeria, on October 21, 1988. She is a Nigerian actress, dancer, and producer.
The talented actress is the stepdaughter of the late actor Herrinentta Kosoko and the granddaughter of the renowned Nigerian actor King Jide Kosoko.

Bidemi Kosoko Biography.

Nigerian and Yoruba audiences are familiar with Nollywood actress Bidemi Kosoko because to her movies. She is also well known for her outstanding performances in Yoruba movies, therefore it would appear that these movies are where her acting prowess really shines.
Bidemi Kosoko has been in a number of Yoruba movies, but because to her skills, "Alakada Reloaded" became a global sensation.

Bidemi Kosoko Early Life and Education

Bidemi was raised by theater professionals; famous actor Prince Jide Kosoko is a member of her family. She was reared in Lagos and went to elementary and high school there as well.
Bidemi completed her elementary education at the Army Children School in Ikoyi before continuing on to Jibowu High School in Yaba and Mainland High School to complete her senior studies.
She later enrolled at Lagos State University, Ojo, where she graduated in 2011 with a bachelor's degree in theater arts.

Bidemi Kosoko Career

Bidemi started performing at the age of 12 in 2000 because to the fact that she was born into an acting family, which has immensely helped her career. She began her career as a performer in 2011 after graduating from Lags State University.

Bidemi Kosoko Marriage

Is Bidemi Kosoko married? Bidemi Kosoko and Bankole Oyajije Possible's union, which they both adore, gave birth to two children.
The pair first met in December 2018, and on August 21, 2021, they were married after living together and having two children.

Bidemi Kosoko Husband

Who is Bidemi Kosoko's husband? Bidemi Kosoko is wed to Bankole Oyajije. She married the man who would raise her two children on August 21st, 2021.

Bidemi Kosoko Children

How many children does Biddemi Kosoko have? A boy and a girl are the names of Bidemi Kosoko's two children. They are Jeremiah and Adefunke together. Their father is Bankola Olajide.

Bidemi Kosoko Father

Who is Bidemi Kosoko's father? The father of Bidemi Kosoko is Prince Jide Kosoko. Jide is a seasoned Nigerian actor and producer.

Bidemi Kosoko Mother

Who is Bidemi Kosoko's mother? The late Alhaja Ganiyat Kosoko is the mother of Bidemi Kosoko. She went suddenly in 1988, when Bidemi and her older sister Sola were still quite young. They are both the children of Alhaja Ganiyat, who passed away.

Bidemi Kosoko Sisters

Like her, Bidemi Kosoko has two sisters who are also Nollywood actors. Their names are Sola and Temilade Kosoko.

Bidemi Kosoko Brothers

The three brothers of Bidemi are known as The Kosoko Brothers: Bidemi Tunji, Muyiwa, and Tunde Kosoko. Their endowments are flourishing.

Bidemi Kosoko Step Mother

Bidemi Kosoko, who is Henrietta Kosoko's stepmother? Stepmother to Bidemi Kosoko was the late Henrietta Kosoko. Her demise occurred on June 6, 2016.

Bidemi Kosoko Height and Weight

Kosoko is of average height and weighs a healthy amount. She has a tall stature, if her photographs in relation to her surroundings are any clue. However, the general public is now unaware of her actual height and other physical details. We will update this information as soon as we have additional information.

Bidemi Kosoko Style.

If you follow this actress on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or Facebook, you'll be aware that she's a lady fashionista. Bidemi Kosoko is fashion, and fashion is Bidemi.
In addition to the fact that Bidemi movies are well-known in Nigeria, "Bidemi's style" is another part of the lovely and accomplished actress that is frequently addressed.
However, her sense of style was the main topic of her interview with a Nigerian online media source.
She says she doesn't have a mentor or try to be anyone in particular when she dresses and that her sense of style just comes easily to her.

Bidemi Kosoko Instagram

Bidemi frequently uses Instagram to interact and communicate with her hordes of followers. On her @bidemi kosoko account, the actress had 1.4 million followers as of February 22.

Bidemi Kosoko Net Worth

It is estimated that Bidemi Kosoko is worth $620,000.

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