3 Mistake you must try to avoid when cooking fried rice

 3 Mistake you must try to avoid when cooking fried rice 

3 Mistake you must try to avoid when cooking fried rice

Are you a fan of Nigerian fried rice? If yes, then you would agree that there's nothing as delicious as a plate of perfectly cooked fried rice. But the truth is, cooking this dish can be tricky, and most times, we end up with something less than perfect.

Here are three common mistakes to avoid when cooking Nigerian fried rice:

Overcooking the Rice
When boiling your rice, it's essential to avoid overcooking it. Overcooked rice will turn out too soft, making it difficult to achieve that perfect fried rice texture. Instead, boil your rice with just enough water, and make sure to monitor it closely.

Overcrowding Your Pan
Another mistake to avoid is overcrowding your frying pan or wok. This makes it difficult to stir-fry your vegetables and rice evenly. The best way to avoid this is to cook in batches. Cooking in batches allows you to stir-fry your ingredients effectively, ensuring that everything is cooked evenly.

Improper Storage
Nigerian fried rice has a high oil content, which can cause it to spoil easily if not stored properly. After cooking, it's crucial to store your fried rice in airtight containers and refrigerate it immediately. This prevents the growth of harmful microorganisms and ensures that your fried rice remains fresh.

By avoiding these mistakes, you can prepare a delicious plate of Nigerian fried rice that will leave everyone wanting more.

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