Actor Muyiwa Ademola writes love epistles to celebrate his soulmate on valentine

 Actor Muyiwa Ademola writes love epistles to celebrate his soulmate on valentine  

As Valentine's Day approached, Nollywood icon Muyiwa Ademola took a moment to reflect on the importance of love in his life. In a heartwarming tribute to his wife, whom he affectionately calls his "special soulmate," Muyiwa shared a captivating photo and expressed his deep affection for her.

Muyiwa went on to emphasize the value of love as a fundamental element of society, stating that it should be taught in schools and serve as a cornerstone of our social fabric. He reminisced on his childhood, surrounded by love, and shared memories of his mother cooking meals and inviting neighbors to join in the feast. He also recalled the kindness of strangers who would give him a ride to school in buses, exemplifying the kind of love that transcends boundaries and binds us together.

Muyiwa's message is a reminder of the power of love to bring people together, inspire kindness, and foster a sense of community. As we celebrate Valentine's Day, let us take a moment to reflect on the love that surrounds us and the importance of sharing that love with those around us.
“I Love Love. I Love you Omolara. You have being such a special soulmate to me. Happy Valentines Day Babes.

Love should be a course to be learnt in school now! It should be a pillar in which our society should stand. It’s absence is in the result of the Nigeria we have now.

While we were kids, my mom would make amala and go to neighbors to get vegetable soup to eat it. Sometimes when she cook something very delicious, she would announce to Neighbors door to door.

If you hold your report sheet/card, while coming back from schl and scores below average, any neighbor we meet before getting home will check it and scold us adequately, even flog us. We go to bus stops on our way to school and strangers would lap us. I grew up witnessing REAL LOVE. It’s beyond what lovers and family celebrates. It’s beyond the word of mouth, it is a doing word, a conspicuous process, a relatable phenomenon. Let’s bring it Back”.


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