Aremu Afolayan Biography, Age, Early Life, Education, Career, Wife, Daughter, Brother, Instagram and Net Worth

 Aremu Afolayan Biography, Age, Early Life, Education, Career, Wife, Daughter, Brother, Instagram and Net Worth

Aremu Afolayan Biography

Aremu Afolayan is a talented Nigerian film actor and producer, whose acting skills are exceptional. He has made a name for himself in the Nigerian movie industry, upholding his father's legacy and carving a path for his own career.

Aremu Afolayan Biography

Aremu Afolayan is a celebrated Nigerian film actor and producer, famously known as the younger brother of the accomplished actor, award-winning filmmaker, and entrepreneur, Kunle Afolayan. Born and raised in the Lagos suburb of Ebute Metta, Aremu is well known for his exceptional acting skills and notable roles in movies like "Idamu akoto" and "Ahun."

Aremu Afolayan Early Life

Aremu was born and raised by his parents in Ebute Metta. He grew up with four siblings: Gabriel, Kunle, and Aremu, three brothers, and Moji Afolayan, a sister. He is the descendant of a long line of artists. Afolayan was born on August 2, 1980, in Lagos State, Nigeria, and as of 2021, he is 41 years old. His father, Adeyemi Josiah Afolayan, commonly known as Ade Love, was a renowned theatre and film director and producer. Additionally, his aunt, Toyin Afolayan, who is widely known as Lola Idije, is a prominent Nigerian actress.

Aremu Afolayan Career

Aremu Afolayan is the youngest of the four siblings, upholding their father's legacy in the Nigerian movie industry. He joined the industry in 2007, following his passion for acting, rather than because of his father's influence. Aremu's acting skills are remarkable, mostly seen in Yoruba movies. His role in Jaiye Kuti's "Ewon Laafin" helped establish him as a popular name in the movie industry. Aremu has also acted in other movies like "Gbajumo," "Omolakeji," "Ahun," and "Idamu Akoto." Besides acting, Aremu has also ventured into movie production, releasing movies such as "Ina" and "Ina Fitila."

Aremu Afolayan Personal Life

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Aremu is happily married to Kafilat Olayinka Quadri, and the couple is blessed with a beautiful daughter named Iyunade Afolayan. His wedding took place in Abuja, with some family members allegedly skipping the ceremony because of their disapproval of his wife. Nevertheless, Aremu is unbothered by others' opinions and remains focused on his marriage and career.

Aremu Afolayan Aremu Afolayan and Kunle Afolayan

Kunle Afolayan is the oldest of the four siblings, with 43 years of age, while Aremu is the youngest. Although Kunle appears older in photos, Aremu's youthful looks may be the reason behind the misconception.

Aremu Afolayan Net Worth

As of 2022, Aremu's estimated net worth is $1,000,000 USD, derived from his income as a film actor and producer, property, and funds.

Aremu Afolayan Social Media

Aremu Afolayan is active on Instagram, where he is well-known and followed by many Nigerian celebrities. His Instagram handle is @aremumimostwantedlikecrudeoil, with over 475k followers.

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