Fans begs Damola Olatunji wife, Bukola Arugba amidst of divorce saga as the Actor shares heartbreaking message [video]

Fans begs Damola Olatunji wife, Bukola Arugba amidst of divorce saga as the Actor shares heartbreaking message [video]

Fans reacts as Actor Damola Olatunji shares heartbreaking message amidst of divorce saga [video]

Damola Olatunji, a popular Nigerian actor, has found himself at the center of rumors surrounding his marriage to Bukola Arugba. Concerned fans have taken to social media to plead with Bukola to take him back amidst the alleged marital crisis.

In a recent Instagram post, Damola shared a cryptic message about heartbreak, leaving fans to speculate on the state of his marriage. In the post, he shared a video of himself alone, with Mariah Carey's soulful lyrics playing in the background. The lyrics hinted at the couple's troubled relationship, as Damola referenced the moment they were one, before Bukola decided to break free, leaving him with no choice but to let her go.

As fans flooded his comment section with messages of support, Damola's post highlighted the pain of heartbreak, an emotion that is all too familiar to many. Despite the challenges, the actor's post was a testament to the enduring power of love.

It is no surprise that Damola's fans are rooting for him and Bukola to reconcile. The actor has won the hearts of many with his charming on-screen presence, and his fans are eager to see him find happiness in his personal life as well.

While the rumors of marital trouble continue to circulate, one thing is certain – the outpouring of support from Damola's fans serves as a powerful reminder of the love and compassion that exists in the 
“We were as one babe, for a moment in time. 099 And it seemed everlasting. That you would always be mine. Now you want to be free. So I’m lettin you fly. Cause I know in my heart babe. Our love will never die. No you’ll always be a part of me. I’m part of you indefinitely. Boy don’t you know you can’t escape me. Oh darlin ‘ cause you’ll always be my baby. And we’ll linger on. Time can’t erase a feelin’ this strong. No way you’re never gonna shake me. Oh darlin cause you’ll always be my baby”.

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One Musa Agbaje Olaide wrote, “Awww Iya Ibeji pls forgive our husband. We are humans and bound to make mistakes, let love leaf

One Bumzie Events wrote, “We are begging on his behalf pls forgive him. It is well with u guys

One Bashira Tomidina wrote, “Tear rolls. Insha Allah she’s coming back soon

One Bimpe Akinsuroju wrote, “Pls go home and meet your wife. Pls and pls I beg you in the name of God

One Modupe Temi fabrics wrote, “Iya Ibeji Shey you dey hear???? Love in the air. God bless your beautiful family

One Omolara Bisi wrote, “Take it easy brother Iya Ibeji is coming back home if she truly love you

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