Moment a lady piss on a guy face when drawing tattoo her kpekus [Watch video]

 Moment a lady piss on a guy face when drawing tattoo her kpekus [Watch video] 

Watch moment a lady piss on a guy face when drawing tattooon her kpekus [video]

Tattoo artists are true artists, creating breathtaking and permanent works of art that adorn the human body. With the skin as their canvas, there is absolutely no room for error. While the profession has its advantages, such as being able to create stunning pieces that will last a lifetime, there are also potential risks and drawbacks to be aware of. These include unpredictable situations and the possibility of infections.

Unfortunately, one tattoo artist recently experienced an extremely unpleasant situation. A lady, for reasons unknown, ended up urinating on the artist's face. This is an extremely rare and disturbing occurrence, and it serves as a reminder that tattoo artists must always be prepared for the unexpected.

Despite the risks, tattoo artists continue to create beautiful pieces of art that their clients will cherish forever. Whether it's a small and intricate design or a full sleeve, these artists pour their hearts and souls into their work. Their skill and dedication to their craft is truly impressive.

At the same time, it's essential for clients to respect their tattoo artists and the work they do. Maintaining a professional and respectful relationship with your tattoo artist can go a long way in ensuring a smooth and positive experience.

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