"My worst Valentine" ~ Man says as his girlfriend walk out on him when proposing to her [video]

 "My worst Valentine" ~ Man says as his girlfriend walk out on him when proposing to her [video]

"My worst Valentine" ~ Man says as his girlfriend walk out on him when proposing to her [video]

Valentine's Day is supposed to be a day filled with love and happiness, but for one young man, it turned out to be a heartbreaking experience. In a video that has since gone viral, the man can be seen getting down on one knee to propose to his girlfriend in a romantic restaurant setting.

The man had gone all out to create the perfect proposal, working with the restaurant management to decorate the floor with rose petals, creating a beautiful heart shape for the occasion. He nervously brought out a ring, hoping for a positive response from his girlfriend.

Unfortunately, the young woman was visibly shocked by the proposal and took a step back when she saw her boyfriend on one knee. She hesitated to give him an answer, leaving employees and customers in the restaurant to try to persuade her to say yes.

As the tension mounted, the woman eventually dropped the bouquet of flowers her boyfriend had given her and stormed out of the building, leaving the man heartbroken and alone.

The video of the proposal rejection quickly went viral, with people around the world sympathizing with the young man and his devastating experience. It's a reminder that not all Valentine's Day proposals go according to plan, and that love can be unpredictable and complicated.

If you're planning a proposal of your own, it's important to remember that while grand gestures can be romantic, they don't always guarantee a happy ending. At the end of the day, the most important thing is to be true to yourself and your partner, and to communicate openly and honestly about your feelings.

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@DeniseMirembe; Because women are no longer marrying for just being in marriage and for community validation. Women are marrying for reasons, if you don’t meet one’s expectations and you just think a ring will compel them into staying with you, you’re wrong!

@TheosGi4; Assuming tightness, and living a lie, people pretend to love others but they’re not ready to spend their rest of their lives with them, and maybe they are enjoying the moment with no hope of it lasting, I call them opportunists, when it’s over they over. Assurance is important

@ample_calm; I think before imagining that your partner will say yes, you need to talk about it actually, ask he if you propose would she accept? And be serious abt it, just don’t mention Wen you will do it.becoz some pipo are not ready for the next step even though they’re with you now Shame

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