Netizens reacts as Influencer Papaya flaunts her 7 IPhones [video]

 Netizens reacts as Influencer Papaya flaunts her 7 IPhones [video]

Abike Arab Money, a popular Instagram influencer in Nigeria who goes by the name Papaya Ex, recently shared a video on her Insta story showcasing seven of her expensive iPhones. As she played a recording of Portable's voice, which subtly praised her, many people on social media were left wondering about the source of her wealth.

Papaya Ex is well-known in Lagos as a content creator and big spender, and her latest revelation about her multiple phones has sparked a flurry of reactions online. Some people have speculated that she may be sponsored by wealthy men, following media personality Nedu Wazobia's recent podcast where he talked about how many big girls in Lagos are being sponsored by his friend.

The video has generated a lot of buzz online, with many social media users expressing their thoughts in the comment section. While some people are impressed by Papaya Ex's lavish lifestyle, others are critical of her and question the legitimacy of her wealth.

Despite the speculation, Papaya Ex continues to be a popular figure on Instagram and beyond, with many fans following her every move. Whether or not her wealth is entirely self-made, she has certainly captured the attention of the Nigerian public and beyond with her extravagant lifestyle and social media presence.
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la_musicworld said, “Oga all this flaunt no really matters nobi your mate be E money wey dash car 🚗 phones and Cheque to his staffs you self help person and record make we see nonsense”.

michael_ogbu0 said, “All dis ones no matter in Heaven 😂😂”.

_03treyblaizeeer said, “Where nedu dey, make una telllam say food don don ooooo”.

hdsvak said, “You no Dey drive that ur surprise benz”.

akeemomope008 said, “That one na small pikin character na 😂”.

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