Nigeria Man cries out as he narrates how his friend chase him in his dream after he slept with his crush

 Nigeria Man cries out as he narrates his friend started chasing him in his dream after he slept with his crush

Nigeria Man cries out as he narrates his friend started chasing him in dream after he slept with his crush

Relationships can be fragile and sometimes a simple bet between friends can lead to disastrous consequences. One man has recently shared his harrowing story of how a bet with his friend led to a shattered friendship and a series of mysterious events in his life.

According to the man, his friend was pursuing a girl who was playing hard to get. In an effort to prove himself, he made a bet with his friend that he could sleep with her. Though his friend doubted him, he was determined to win the bet and eventually succeeded in bedding the girl.

This betrayal left the man feeling hurt and he immediately cut off all contact with his friend. However, his troubles did not end there. He began experiencing strange occurrences, including dreams in which his friend chased him with stones and mysterious events that he could not explain.

It is important to note that while bets between friends can be harmless fun, it is crucial to consider the potential consequences and impact it could have on relationships. In this case, a simple bet led to a broken friendship and negative consequences for the man involved.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, it is important to communicate openly and honestly with your friend to prevent misunderstandings and potential damage to your relationship.

If you or someone you know is struggling with a broken friendship or experiencing mysterious events, seeking help from a therapist or counselor can provide valuable support and guidance.

“This story happened between myself and my friend. There is this girl my friend has been putting all efforts to get, from buying food, gifts and sending money to this girl. And he keeps gisting me about everything. So he showed me some chats some times ago and I told him I might be the one that will sleep with this girl last last.

He was dumbfounded, so he dared me and gave me her number. The girl was already stressing him out so he thought it wouldn’t work out for me. I texted the girl on WhatsApp and within one week, I started sleeping with the girl at her place. I brought her to my place to chill one day cos her flat mate was around, we end up doing it and luckily for me my friend came around just around that time though I was yet to tell him what i was already doing with the girl. He was surprised when he saw us. The girl later left and my friend had to leave I guess he wasn’t himself.

 Since my friend knew about all this, he has stopping coming to my place. First my generator went missing. Any clothes I spread outside everything missing. This guy started chasing me in my dreams. I don’t even sleep 5minutes before I start dreaming about him. So many weird things has been happening that I can’t mention here. So I confronted him and he said that’s the punishment I have to face for being a sly.

I begged him that I would hook him up with another girl, he only said if I want everything to be good, he only want my sister. My sister!!!!! don use money beg this guy, he’s so bent about resolving the issue with my sister. My sister even dislikes this guy I didn’t sleep over night, this guy was chasing me with stone. Please what can I do? I am tired.”

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