Nigeria Rapper Jesse Jagz reveals why Africans are educated illiterates [video]

 Nigeria Rapper Jesse Jagz reveals why Africans are educated illiterates [video]

Nigeria Rapper Jesse Jagz reveals why Africans are educated illiterates [video]

Jesse Jagz, the talented Nigerian rapper and songwriter, recently shared his views on the state of education in Africa, describing it as a case of 'educated illiteracy'. According to Jesse Jagz, while Africans have embraced various ideologies, technologies, and practices from the Western world, they have failed to adapt them to the unique needs of the continent.

During a recent interview, Jesse Jagz spoke about how many Africans have an impressive amount of knowledge, but lack the critical thinking skills needed to apply it in practical ways. He highlighted how African nations have adopted Western-style democracies without questioning their relevance to the continent, pointing out the need for Africans to develop their own systems that take into account their unique circumstances.

To emphasize his point, Jesse Jagz challenged listeners to name an African country that produces its own cars, prints its own money, or has a stable power supply outside of South Africa. He also commented on the music industry, questioning which African country produces its own musical equipment and gadgets.

It is clear that Jesse Jagz is passionate about promoting the development of African talent and industry. He believes that African countries should strive to be self-sufficient and should work towards developing their own systems and technologies, rather than relying solely on imports.

Jesse Jagz's views on education and development in Africa are thought-provoking and highlight the need for Africans to take ownership of their own progress. By embracing innovation and entrepreneurship, Africans can harness their own resources and create sustainable growth that benefits everyone.

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