Nigerian man reacts angrily as his partner removes her engagement ring [Watch video]

 Nigerian man reacts angrily as his partner removes her engagement ring [Watch video]

Nigerian man reacts angrily as his partner removes her removes engagement ring [Watch video]

In a viral video that has sparked mixed reactions online, a man was captured taking back an engagement ring he gave to his girlfriend after accusing her of wanting to appear single to other men. The footage shows the man wearing a frown and taking the ring back from his partner's finger.

The woman, who appeared shocked by her partner's actions, revealed that he accused her of wanting other men to think she was single. In a caption accompanying the video, the lady wrote, "He said I want other guys to think I'm single. This man is too jealous."

Towards the end of the video, the man picked up the ring and placed it back on the woman's finger, indicating that she was indeed engaged.

The video has stirred up controversy on social media, with many criticizing the man's behavior as controlling and possessive. Others have also expressed concern about the woman's safety in the relationship, as jealousy and possessiveness can be warning signs of abusive behavior.

While it's normal for partners to feel jealous from time to time, it's important to communicate these feelings in a healthy and respectful way. Relationships built on trust and mutual respect are more likely to thrive, and it's crucial for partners to feel secure and valued in their relationships.

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@PRINCESS MONISOYE 1 said, “This my husband too especially if am going out alone he will check me wel guys with jealousy ehhn but if na us we no go to take am serious ooo…”

Nurse Anny said, “Nah today this single life pain me pass ‍♀️‍♀️God I’m I a spoon.”

beloveth said, “Removing ring omo my hubby will just start crying lolxx.” 

opeyemi oladeji said, “Common engagement ring wey i collect my guy give himself one too we both wer it about….. so no won os left out.” 

World_dede said: “That Gold for him hand alone shows ur husband na odogwu.”

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