“The Truth Go Soon Come Out” ~ Uche Maduagwu says as he queries Wumi Toriola’s Source of Wealth

 “The Truth Go Soon Come Out” ~ Uche Maduagwu says as he queries Wumi Toriola’s Source of Wealth 

“The Truth Go Soon Come Out” ~ Uche Maduagwu says as he queries Wumi Toriola’s Source of Wealth

Renowned Nollywood actor Uche Maduagwu has recently raised eyebrows regarding the source of income of actress Wunmi Toriola, who recently acquired a new mansion. Expressing his concerns on social media, Uche questioned why Nigerians are not more inquisitive about the sources of wealth of their celebrities.

Wunmi Toriola, who is well-known for her exceptional acting skills, recently shared the news of her latest acquisition on her Instagram page, where she expressed her excitement and gratitude for the new property. However, Uche Maduagwu's reaction to the news has sparked debates among fans and followers of the Nollywood industry.

In his statement, Uche Maduagwu expressed his surprise at the lack of curiosity by Nigerians regarding the source of wealth of their celebrities. He suggested that it is high time Nigerians start questioning the sources of income of their favorite stars to prevent them from promoting fraudulent activities.

While Uche's statement has sparked some controversies, it highlights an essential issue that requires the attention of both celebrities and their fans. In recent years, there have been increasing reports of fraudulent activities among some celebrities in Nigeria, which have tarnished the reputation of the industry.

As the Nollywood industry continues to grow and expand, it is crucial for celebrities to maintain a high level of integrity and transparency regarding their sources of income. Similarly, fans and followers should be more inquisitive about the wealth of their favorite celebrities to prevent them from being misled or promoting fraudulent activities.

He wrote:

“I don’t celebrate people I don’t know their source of wealth, how much she Dey get per movie role? Which Endorsement she get? Or which Big business she Dey run to afford this? Younger actresses need these answers to celebrate her, Naija, we no dey ask questions, Na our problem be that.

“Question is, where you get money for this? Abi no be this movie industry Wey we all Dey? Which Endorsement you get to buy or build this? Nigerians don’t ask question again, Yoruba actress, I hail you Na, Truth go soon come out.”

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 “@uchemaduagwu pls watch enough movies before you conclude. You obviously don’t know her.”


“@uchemaduagwu did they tag you to congratulate them… be wearing red bra up and down make u no go find purpose for your life.. Ewu


“@uchemaduagwu I do say this always ..something are Grace ..because older actress no fit build am no mean younger female actress can’t do it.”


“@johnseriki sometimes most of this people take loans just to secure this asset. let’s celebrate success always.”

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