Top 6 Nollywood Actresses Who Have Never Kissed In Movies [Photos]

 Top 6 Nollywood Actresses Who Have Never Kissed In Movies [Photos]

Top 6 Nollywood Actresses Who Have Never Kissed In Movies [Photos]

In the Nigerian film industry, affectionate scenes such as kissing and intimate displays are prevalent. However, some actresses have made a personal decision to abstain from such scenes, either for religious, cultural, or personal reasons. In this article, we highlight six Nigerian actresses who have made it clear that they do not kiss in films.

Chioma Chukwuka

Chioma Chukwuka is a highly acclaimed Nigerian actress and film producer, known for her exceptional acting abilities. Her performances have earned her numerous awards, including the Africa Movie Academy Award for "Best Actress in a Leading Role." Despite her romantic roles in several films, Chioma has never been seen kissing anyone onscreen.

Seyi Edun

Seyi Edun is a talented Nigerian actress who began her career in 2009. She has acted in several movies and received accolades for her outstanding performances. Seyi has a personal rule not to engage in wet kisses onscreen. In an interview, she stated that she believes in maintaining some level of privacy and decency, which has influenced her decision.

Ruth Kadiri

Ruth Kadiri is a prolific Nigerian actress and producer who has starred in over 50 films. Despite her vast experience in the industry, Ruth has never kissed a fellow actor on the lips onscreen. She is highly regarded for her acting prowess and has won numerous awards for her outstanding performances.

Jaiyesimi Modupe

Jaiyesimi Modupe is a highly respected Yoruba film actress who has been in the industry for over three decades. Although she began acting in secondary school, she had to put her dreams on hold until she met someone who guided her through the process of becoming a professional actress. Jaiyesimi is unable to kiss on set and can only peck. She also stated that she can only kiss her spouse and no other male.

Jaiye Kuti

Jaiye Kuti is a prominent Yoruba actress, known for her vivacious movie roles. She developed a passion for acting as a child and has pursued it ever since. Despite her onscreen roles, Jaiye has made it clear that having a wet kiss in a film is impossible for her. She believes that personal values and beliefs should be respected, even in the movie industry.

Judy Austin

Judy Austin is a Nigerian actress and producer who has appeared in several movies. She has made it clear to her fans that she does not engage in kissing scenes and will not participate in any movie that requires her to be naked on set, regardless of the amount of money offered.

In conclusion, these actresses have made it clear that their personal values and beliefs are of utmost importance to them, even in the movie industry. It is a testament to their professionalism and commitment to their craft that they have been able to excel in their careers despite their personal choices. Their decision not to kiss onscreen is an inspiration to many, and it shows that one can still be successful in the industry while maintaining their dignity and values.

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