“You’re a fat fool ma” ~ Actress Tonto Dike drag her colleague, Foluke Daramola to filth for supporting her ex husband Churchill

 “You’re a fat fool ma” ~ Actress Tonto Dike drag her colleague, Foluke Daramola to filth for supporting her ex husband Churchill  

“You’re a fat fool ma” ~ Actress Tonto Dike drag her colleague, Foluke Daramola to filth for supporting her ex husband Churchill

In the latest online outburst by popular Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh, she took aim at her senior colleague Foluke Daramola, calling her a "fat fool" for supporting her ex-husband Olakunle Churchill amidst their ongoing drama.

The disagreement began when Foluke Daramola engaged a troll in a heated exchange over her stance on the ongoing feud between Tonto Dikeh and her ex-husband. Foluke emphasized the impact of Tonto's actions on her son, which did not sit well with Tonto.

@folukedaramolasalako: “My own one and only brother”
@temidayo2832: “Advise your only brother to pay school fees and show Teller…. Not dose obsoletes evidence…it is well with him.”

@folukedaramolasalako: “arinu rode olumoran Okan do u live with them that u know everything???!! Abeg rest of do like u, if u are blinded by the fake love u have for his partner those of us that are his friends should stop being his friends or family abi???! Abeg shift”
@temidayo2832: “only a low mnntality uses Abuse as a defense strategy….He has been showing receipt..he should how fees receipts..it’s not too much to ask..since he has started it already.”

@folukedaramolasalako: “really?? Very funny so he should start saving receipts and showing u pls as what??? If only the mother understands the implications of these things being done. But unfortunately what is insane is now the norm.

So sad. U had better advice her mentor to move on I have been a single mother b4 and I don’t expose my children to bitter people like this, there had been love and fond memories at a point in time and a life at that, that should be respected all this back and forth is just unnecessary.

Something’s are appreciated being kept secret. @olakunlechurchill is my friend and brother that I respect his privacy so I will not go to the g tter with u on what’s his personal life. Think b4 u write.”

Reacting to Foluke's opinion, Tonto Dikeh took to her verified Instagram page on February 19th, 2023, to publicly shame her colleague by body-shaming her and calling her a fool for supporting Churchill.

While it's not uncommon for celebrities to publicly call out one another, Tonto's comments have sparked widespread criticism for their derogatory nature. Many have condemned the use of body-shaming language, which is harmful and not conducive to healthy discourse.

As public figures, it is important for celebrities to use their platforms responsibly and promote positive dialogue, even in moments of disagreement. Hopefully, Tonto and Foluke can find a way to resolve their differences without resorting to harmful language and behavior.

“@Folukedaramolasalako respectfully MA you are a FAT fool. Your brother/ friend brought out fake watch receipts, fake audio car gift receipt but can’t bring out SCHOOL FEE AND CHILD CARE receipt? Take your side but while doing that get my name/or refrring to me out of your unsaturated fat Mouth.. he is your brother now but none of you could borrrow him money for wedding, he is your brother you respect then shut the fuck up and keeep respecting him but if you disrespect me in the process I will tell you tha age Is nothing but a number. FAT FOOL, you are atleast 10/13 years older than I am if you don’t act accordingly. I will reduce you to my age.. I don’t Smile with you fetish actresses, pls keep the same energy.. Im glad you are also a single mother, May you find yourself in a worse suitation. AMEN.. FREE ME or be READY FOR ME.

She added, “@folukedaramolasalako We can all be mad since this scumbag thinks she knows my story better than I do. I fear and avoid you guys. I avoid these yourba actresses because I don’t have power to sleep in shrine, plss as I avoid you avoid me. If the fans provoke you fight the fan don’t involve me..”

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