Black Coffee reveals why he won't marry again

 Black Coffee reveals why he won't marry again 

Black Coffee reveals why he won't marry again

Black Coffee Confirms He Will Not Tie the Knot Again

In a recent appearance on Mac G's Podcast and Chill, renowned DJ and producer Black Coffee opened up about his past marriage and his current relationship status. After going through a divorce with his ex-wife Enhl Mbali, the Grammy award-winning artist stated that he will not be getting married again.

During the interview, Black Coffee spoke candidly about the issues that led to the end of his marriage. He revealed that he and his ex-wife had different goals and desires as they grew older, leading to problems in their relationship.

"Initially, we had a common goal and understood each other's pain. However, as we continued to grow, we started to want different things. For me, one of my priorities is to nurture my inner child and give him the love and care he needs. This requires a lot of internal work and personal growth, which has changed me as a person over time," Black Coffee explained.

Despite being in a new relationship, the DJ made it clear that he has no intentions of tying the knot again. He cited the societal pressure that comes with marriage as one of the reasons why he's content with his current relationship.

"I'm in a better space now, and I understand who I am and what I want. Society puts a lot of pressure on people to get married without providing any support. I'm with someone who understands me and where I'm coming from, and there's no need for us to get married," he said.

Black Coffee's interview has been making waves online, with fans praising him for his honesty and openness. It's clear that the DJ is focused on his personal growth and is not afraid to speak his truth.

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