Comedian Seyi Law apologize to Nigerians for supporting Tinubu

 Comedian Seyi Law apologize to Nigerians for supporting Tinubu

Comedian Seyi Law apologize to Nigerians for supporting Tinubu

Seyi Law, the popular Nigerian comedian, has issued a heartfelt apology to Nigerians who felt offended by his support for President-elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu in the recently concluded 2023 presidential election.

In a message shared on his Instagram page, Seyi Law acknowledged the passion and enthusiasm that Nigerians demonstrated towards their preferred candidates during the election. He expressed concern over the violence that erupted during the election, urging Nigerians to avoid bitterness and hatred towards one another.

While Seyi Law expressed mixed feelings about the anger that some Nigerians feel towards his preferred candidate's victory, he emphasised that it's important to maintain unity and respect for one another, regardless of political affiliations.

As an influential figure in the entertainment industry, Seyi Law's message carries weight and significance. It is crucial to emphasise the need for peace and unity in a country that is often plagued by political tensions and divisions.

By tendering his apology, Seyi Law demonstrates his commitment to ensuring that Nigerians are united and peaceful, even in the wake of a highly contested presidential election. He acknowledges that the country needs to move forward together, regardless of who holds political power.

The message from Seyi Law serves as a reminder to all Nigerians that while political differences may exist, it is essential to put aside personal opinions and come together for the greater good. In doing so, the country can work towards a brighter and more prosperous future.
Seyi said;“My fellow Nigerians, I’m happy you are as passionate as you are about your preferred candidates. That is the way politics should be. However, hatred and bitterness towards each other shouldn’t have a place between us.

“You might not see things the way I see it. That doesn’t mean I’m right and you are wrong. It just means that we are different. If your candidates had won, I would have prayed and worked for their successes and mine.

“I apologise to those offended by my support. I seriously condemn all the violence across Nigeria. I have mixed feelings for your genuine anger and not for my candidate’s winning. I, however, pray that Nigerians’ lives get better“.

In conclusion, Seyi Law's apology is a positive step towards healing and reconciliation, and it is an example that other public figures and politicians can follow to foster a peaceful and united Nigeria.

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