Koko Zaria and MC "Oluomo boys are after my life" ~ Actress Adunni Ade cries out over threatening [video]

 Koko Zaria and MC Oluomo boys are after my life" ~ Actress Adunni Ade cries out over threatening [video]

Koko Zaria and MC "Oluomo boys are after my life" ~ Actress Adunni Ade cries out over threatening [video]

Adunni Ade, a renowned Nigerian actress, has come out with a startling revelation that Kokozaria, a close aide to the Chairman of Lagos Parks and Garages Management, Musiliu ”MC Oluomo” Akinsanya, has been threatening her life. This claim was made by the actress in a recent video posted on her Instagram page, where she further warned that Kokozaria should be held responsible if anything happens to her.

In the video, Adunni played a recording that captured Kokozaria threatening to “teach her some sense” if she dares to cross his path again in public. He also threatened to take her to the police station. This threat is said to be connected to a previous post made by the actress where she criticized some celebrities for allegedly collecting N90,000 to campaign for a particular presidential candidate. This post had apparently not gone down well with some of her colleagues in the movie industry who felt disrespected by her stance.

Kokozaria, who was a staunch supporter of the same political candidate and was seen campaigning for him, publicly berated Adunni and Kemi Afolabi for their criticism of the celebrities who supported the candidate. The situation soon escalated with Kokozaria reportedly becoming more aggressive towards Adunni, leading to her recent allegations of death threats.

The issue has caused a lot of concern among fans and followers of the actress, with many calling on the relevant authorities to investigate the matter and provide adequate protection for Adunni. The actress has also received a lot of support from colleagues in the entertainment industry, who have expressed their solidarity with her and condemned any form of violence or threats of violence.

He said in the clip: “Look at Kemi Afolabi who has amounted to nothing in life, she is abusing us. We will not talk to her. God will ask her. Adunni Ade, that dirty girl . Those who love Asiwaju are the ones who came out to participate in a rally called for by MC Oluomo. Don’t let me talk about you. If I do you will just go and die.

What I will just tell the both of you is that none of you should ever meet me anywhere. Adunni Ade and the mad girl that calls herself Kemi Afolabi. The day I will meet you, you will know. I will not say more than that. We will teach you a lesson and then we will all go to the station.”

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