Ladies If That Man Has Not Married You, Don't Ever Do These 5 Things For Him

1. Don't ever have an abortion because of him

It is better you keep your baby and survive than for you to do an abortion because of a man and die, when you die he would get married to another person. A lot of things can happen when you have an abortion, you can lose your life and you can even lose your womb. Do you think the man will marry you when he finds out that you cannot give birth to children for him, he will just dump you and marry someone else.

2. Don't go to his house and turn yourself into a maid.

Some ladies think that visiting a man and cleaning the whole house, washing all his clothes and all his plate will make the ..... CLICK H£R£ T0 S££ TH£ FULL WRIT£-UP 0N 0UR F££DS >>>>

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