Mandy Kiss left many talking as she reveals why she don't want fame again

 Mandy Kiss left many talking as she reveals why she don't want fame again

Mandy Kiss left many talking as she reveals why she don't want fame again

Mandy Kiss, a well-known slay queen and social media influencer, has asked God to take away her popularity and bring her back to a normal life where she may live happily.

She claimed that the contentious behavior she demonstrates online is not who she truly is and that she is constantly being provoked by other people into speaking and acting in an offensive way.

Mandy Kiss apologized to her admirers and supporters on her Instagram page and promised to alter her ways.
She claimed in a lengthy article that the famed life she has experienced has been full of difficulties and problems and that all she really wants is to lead a normal, tranquil life.
She wrote; “Dear God I don’t want fame again, I just wanna be happy and live my private life.

I’d like to apologize to my fans or anyone that likes me concerning how I come online to reply to drags and all sort of classless fights.

Human beings turn me to nuisance, people really turned me to that, they keep doing me dirty and showing love to my face at times I would ignore and atimes would just want to let all out just to put them in their place and not take my simplicity for stupidity. I’m deeply sorry for all these my actions and promise to do better I won’t let any of these People get to me again!

It’s disheartening! It’s unbearable! God! God!! God!!!! God I knw you ain’t wicked You wil definitely fight for me. Amen. To anyone that makes me cry on this social media F/M you wil never experience good things in ur life. God wil Judge everyone according to our attitude Ika ni yin oooo Una wan turn me to mad lady. I showed you people love Human beings r so desperate! I wil leave social media for una!!!

My years in this fame life is full of troubles and dramas, I have never for once enjoy this game thing, have always been accused wrongly, have always been dragged, have always been under blogs for one thing or the other, well I don’t blame anyone, I actually blame myself Cus my content brought this on me tho, everyone always think I clout chase or something, well I forgive myself from within I was only trying to survive, I literally did everything to be famous, I went as far as drawing tattoos on my body, my videos (oh that’s a lot to talk about) Cus my videos always pull me out.

Well I still tried my best to help everyone around me with this platform of mine but guess what have always still been paid otherwise, i believe everyone as conscience of their own and knows deep down that I’m an amazing person to them. This fame as traumatised me, as made me and as broken me but it is what it is… I wish y’all the best of it all.” 

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