Reactions stirs as Man rejoices after his aunt who contested for Bayelsa HOA seat loses

 Reactions stirs as Man rejoices after his aunt who contested for Bayelsa HOA seat loses 

Reactions stirs as Man rejoices afterhis aunt who contested for Bayelsa HOA seat loses

A Nigerian man, identified as Okara, recently took to social media to express his joy over his aunt's loss in the Bayelsa Legislative elections. The woman, a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate, was vying for the House of Assembly seat to represent Bayelsa LEA, but was defeated by her opponent from the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA).

According to Okara, his aunt had been in office for two terms and was seeking a third. However, the community was tired of her and felt that it was time for a change. They celebrated her defeat and the victory of the APGA candidate.

The outcome of the Bayelsa Legislative elections highlights the importance of listening to the people and understanding their needs. As public servants, it is crucial to prioritize the interests of the community and work towards fulfilling their expectations.
He wrote; “Sweet news I heard today. My aunty going for her 3rd term in Bayelsa lea House of Assembly lost to a younger man in APGA. She’s in PDP. The entire constituency was tired of her. She should go and rest or do farming.”

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 Reacting, @D_goodybag said; If she is from Bayelsa, she can do fishing.

@MsAdannaya; I hope it’s also The same Auntie Pere talked about yesterday 😂😂…

Okara responded; If we know the same Auntie Pere, then she’s definitely the one. Won’t call her name here. Dem don already report me for village but who cares 😂. APGA all the way!!!

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