Singer Portable begins self-defense training few days after he got attacked [video]

 Singer Portable begins self-defense training few days after he got attacked [video]

Singer Portable begins self-defense training days after he got attacked [video]


Habeeb "Portable" Okikiola, the controversial Nigerian singer, has taken up self-defense training in boxing following a brutal attack by people he considered friends. The incident occurred a few weeks ago when the Zazuu star and his sister were assaulted, with Portable suffering stab wounds in the neck and hand.

In a video posted online, the singer revealed the bodily injuries he sustained from the attack and urged fans to beware of certain people in their lives who may not have their best interests at heart. Portable lamented that he had helped his assailant, an old-time friend he had known since their hustling days, but the friend had repaid his kindness with violence.

To protect himself from future harm, Portable has taken up boxing and was recently spotted in an open space, learning how to box with gloves on. The clip, which has been making rounds on social media, shows the singer parked close to his side in his Range Rover as residents gathered to watch him practice his punches.


The incident serves as a reminder that success can sometimes attract unwanted attention and envy from people in one's inner circle. It is important to be cautious about who we let into our lives and to trust our instincts when it comes to identifying potential threats.

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