Singer Timaya cries out over his inability to find love

 Singer Timaya cries out over his inability to find love

Singer Timaya cries out over his inability to find love

Inetimi Odon, alias Timaya, a well-known singer, has expressed concern about the difficulty of finding true love in recent years.

Timaya published this on his Twitter account and asked followers about the touchy subject.

He noticed that love has grown elusive, like a difficult task. The singer then asked his audience if it was just a personal problem or if it also affected them.
He wrote: This days LOVE come hard to find. Is it me or y’all with me

Some of his supporters continued to support him, noting that it is a universal problem, while others noted that love is real and not hard to find.
A fan wrote: Chulo we gather dey

Another fan insightfully penned: Blood don’t make us family, loyalty does. It’s hard to find real love when you got money… respect those that speaks the truth about your mess even knowing well you’re better than them.

A fan replied saying: Everybody even family members are now into transactional relationship … anybody wey get money we dey like so we no really know who love us for us anymore

Another fan wrote: It’s you. Respect what you desire and go for it with respect . Your fame is not a problem it’s your person. I love you sir. May you find the LOYL.

A concerned fan wrote: Love no hard to find oo. Na the location wey you dey find am be the problem

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