Actress Linda John makes shocking reasons why she can marry a man who is above 60

 Actress Linda John makes shocking reasons why she can a man who is above 60

Actress Linda John makes shocking reasons why she can a man who is above 60

Linda John, a brave and stunning Nollywood actress, has stated that she sees nothing wrong with getting married to a man who is over 60.

The Benue State Indigene believes that as long as the heart is beating properly, age is simply a number.

“When it comes to marriage, age is just a number. I have seen younger marriages breakup in less than a year and I have seen older marriages last longer. So, yes I can marry someone above 60 that is matured at heart, kind and sensitive. When the heart beats in the right direction, everything falls in place. I want a man with the fear of God. Any man that does not love God cannot love anybody. He must also be kind with good taste of character and quite sensitive,” Linda John said in a recent interview with The Sun.
Like some of her more senior coworkers, Linda John, who serves as Senator Abba Moro's special assistant, lamented her uncomfortable experience with sexual harassment in the workplace.
“This happened a couple of years ago during my early days in the industry. I went to Awka for this particular production and the director connived with the Make-Up artiste, Costumier, and Production Manager to frustrate me on the set because I refused to sleep with him. The conspiracy was too much that I later removed myself from the job. I didn’t even have transport money to go back to my base. I had to call my elder brother to send some money over. I seriously had to leave that particular set because my life didn’t depend on that movie. And I have never been desperate about the whole movie thing.”
Linda John is a native of the Okpokwu Local Government in the state of Benue. Her tribe is Idoma. She is fluent in both Idoma and English. She is a model, entrepreneur, performer, and producer in Nigerian cinema. She has a strong interest in politics.

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