For Men: Dangers Of Putting Your Mouths In A Woman's Vagìna

The appropriateness of men placing their tongues on the vàgina has long been a topic of discussion. Others consider it to be improper and wrong, while some find it to be a sensual and enjoyable experience. Whatever your stance, it's critical to comprehend the risks and potential hazards involved with licking a woman's genitals.

The vàgina is a delicate area, and foreign objects and bodily fluids have a tendency to irritate it quickly, according to WebMD. Men's saliva, for instance, can spread bacteria and germs to the vàgina, increasing the risk of infections. If a man is TÅP "C0NTINU£" T0 R£ADING D FUĻL ARTICL€ 0N 0UR PAG€

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