Many Ways To Prevent Pregnancy Without Using Condoms Or Contraceptive Pills

1. Spermicide: Spermicide is a chemical that kills or immobilizes sperm. It comes in the form of gels, foams, creams, or suppositories and needs to be inserted into the vagina before s3x.

2. Withdrawal Method: The withdrawal method involves pulling out before ejaculation. It's not the most effective method, but it can still reduce the risk of pregnancy. The withdrawal method has a 78% success rate when used correctly.

3. Cervical Cap or Diaphragm: The cervical cap or diaphragm is a small, flexible device that covers the cervix and prevents sperm from entering the uterus. It needs to be inserted before s3x and removed after 6 to TÅP "C0NTINU£" T0 R£ADING D FUĻL ARTICL€ 0N 0UR PAG€

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