Moment Police officers harass grown man in River state [video]

 Moment Police officers harass grown man in River state [video]

Social media users are discussing a video that shows the time that armed police officers used brutality on a Nigerian guy, which in turn sparked a number of responses from online users. 

One of the armed police officers is shown publicly harassing a middle-aged Nigerian in a video that has gone viral, and it has sparked a lot of online discussion about what might be going on in a country like Nigeria with a functioning government.

A Nigerian man and a woman were subjected to harassment by armed Nigerian police officials at the Emohua checkpoint in Porth-Harcout. Thames State
In the viral video, a Nigerian woman wearing a traditional white dress was beaten by a police officer while imitating a teacher striking a student. But that was just the beginning.

The policeman strikes the man with two powerful slaps, further demonstrating the might within him.

Another police officer was also seen hitting a woman who rides in the car with the man; this incident has drawn criticism for the police officers' uncalled-for conduct.

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See reactions below
femiadebayosalami: This is uncalled for! No! No! No!

ebuka_21: Make them just legalize gun cause if I have a gun in this situation this police man is going down.

nevharrison: When you wonder where Nigerians get the courage from to laugh whenever they see uniform people getting k*lled, this video is evidence.

osa4gold: Funny enough. Apart from the gun and uniform that is giving them power most Nigerian policemen can’t run a 100 meter race or do 20 push ups.

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