Three Ways God Shows You Who To Marry “Apostle Joshua Selman

1. Genuine godly desire and passion: Not everyone is going to see a vision about his wife and it doesn’t mean you are not spiritual. God can plant a genuine desire and passion for a lady in your heart. When this happens, you need to be responsible and act maturely. You don’t just walk up to a lady and say “ you are my wife”. There is a due season for everything so God can use a simple, godly desire. If you are a man of God or a great person, don’t use your position to intimidate ladies. This type of passion is good because it will help sustain the love even during difficulties.


2. The prophetic: God has also positioned the prophetic to help the man locate the TÅP "C0NTINU£" T0 R£ADING D FUĻL ARTICL€ 0N 0UR PAG€

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