What Happens To Women When They Don't Have Sèx For A Long?

As humans, we have sxual desires, and it is a normal part of our lives. However, sometimes circumstances may arise that lead to a prolonged period without s£xual activity. 

Negative impact on self-esteem: Women may feel less desirable or attractive if they go a long time without s£x.

Increased risk of urinary tract infections: S£xual activity can help prevent UTIs by flushing out bacteria. Without it, women may be at increased risk of developing a UTI.

Difficulty sleeping: S£xual activity can release endorphins that promote relaxation and better sleep. Without it, women may TÅP "C0NTINU£" T0 R£ADING D FUĻL ARTICL€ 0N 0UR PAG€

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