Actor Ken Erics propose to Mr Ibu daughter, Jasmine

 Actor Ken Erics propose to Mr Ibu daughter, Jasmine 

Actor Ken Erics propose to Mr Ibu daughter, Jasmine

In a heartwarming development, popular Nollywood actor Ken Erics has reportedly proposed to Jasmine Okafor, the daughter of legendary actor, John Okafor, also known as Mr. Ibu. The exciting news was shared by Jasmine herself on her Instagram page, where she posted a video of the romantic proposal.

In the post, Jasmine expressed her undying love for Ken, calling him the one who has "revived her love life" and made her believe in love once again. As a divorcee, she added that she has "tasted love and it's so sweet."

With this proposal, Ken Erics has made a bold statement that he is ready to take his relationship with Jasmine to the next level. Fans of the couple have already started cheering them on, and everyone is eagerly waiting to see what the future holds for the happy couple.

It's not every day that two popular Nollywood families come together, and this news is sure to delight fans of the Nigerian film industry. Ken and Jasmine's union is a perfect example of how love can blossom even in the most unexpected places.

“I have tasted Your Love! And it’s so sweet!
Thank you so much for reviving my love life! You made me believe I could love again! Cheers to forever with you @kenerics.

There is madness in loving you, but it is that lack of reason that makes it feels so flawless. Your laughter is what I am most about”.

Ken Erics commented with loved-up emoji.

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