Actress Bukumi Olawashina goes emotional to appreciate fans over their gestures towards her birthday

 Actress Bukumi Olawashina goes emotional to appreciate fans over their gestures towards her birthday 

Actress Bukumi Olawashina goes emotional to appreciate fans over their gestures towards her birthday

Nollywood's darling, Bukunmi Oluwasina, has shared the beautiful story of how her 33rd birthday was celebrated in Nigeria and the United Kingdom by her adoring fans.

In an emotional post on her social media page, the doting mother of one expressed her disappointment at how some people often misconstrue her financial stability due to her frequent giveaways online. Bukunmi revealed that giving has been a fundamental value she learned since childhood, and she believes in sharing even from the little she has.

Bukunmi further expressed her heartfelt appreciation to her fans who spared no expense in celebrating her milestone age. She commended their generous gesture of giving to the less privileged, acknowledging that it was more significant than any luxury gift they could have given her.

 Sometimes when I do Giveaway, most people believe I have too much money, and I’m being generous enough to give some out. Funny enough, reverse is the case. There are times am giving away here and am personally struggling financially, but I just feel like giving someone, out of the little that is still not enough for me. Because my late Dad always said, “The best way to receive, is to give.” And I believe no matter the level of my struggles, there is always someone out there that the little I can give out from my nothing will solve all their problems.

I received different gifts yesterday, prayers, calls, text… but the only one that made me cry was the different groups of fans from different places who went all out to celebrate my birthday with the needy, And some at the hospital and some at the motherless home.

What made me cry is reading the captions from different fan pages and realizing all of them separately believed the only thing they felt they could do for me on my birthday that would make me really happy is “Giving to the needy”. Because they know how much the act means to me.

I just want you to know I’m not only happy because you have all grown to know me too well to see what genuinely makes me happy. But also happy and proud that we have been able to subconsciously influence each other through love. And i’m greatful to God for the gift of you all. Because you being a part of my life, And this that you have done, is bigger and much more beautiful to me than the latest Benz 🚗 in town.

@bovotaries @boalites Thank you all. And thank you to the UK fans that brought gifts on behalf of @the_bk_tribe yesterday. Apologies that i wasn’t in town to pick up the gifts and for making you wait. I know we would have taken lots of beautiful pictures… I owe you all a lunch date.

And another great gift I got yesterday is getting to know my girls @b.o.g_footballacademy (Bukunmi Oluwasina Grace Football Academy) Won two matches yesterday.

Im super proud of you all. And i want you to know i can’t wait to be home and make you all proud, much more than ever before. THANK YOU.🙏


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