Few batches of Nigerians stranded in Sudan arrives at Abuja [photos]

 Few batches of Nigerians stranded in Sudan arrives at Abuja [photos]

Few batches of Nigerians stranded in Sudan arrives at Abuja [photos]

The good news is finally here as the first batch of 376 Nigerian students who were trapped in the war-torn country of Sudan have safely arrived in Abuja, Nigeria. The Nigerian authorities have been proactive in taking steps to ensure the safe return of their citizens, and this successful evacuation is a testament to their efforts.

These Nigerian students landed at the Pilgrims Terminal of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja at 11:25 pm via Air Peace Plane and the Nigeria Airforce Jet numbered NAF C-130. It was a moment of relief for the students who were visibly excited to be reunited with their loved ones.

The evacuation plan, which covers more than 3,500 nationals, is an ongoing effort by the Nigerian government to bring back all its citizens stranded in Sudan due to the ongoing crisis. However, it is believed that the total number of Nigerians in Sudan could be greater than the number currently covered in the evacuation plan.

According to reports, more than 5,000 Nigerians are residing in Sudan, including many students who have been forced to stay away from their families due to the ongoing unrest. The safe return of the first batch of students is a promising start, and the Nigerian government is committed to ensuring the safe return of all its citizens.

The successful evacuation of the Nigerian students is a testament to the efforts of the Nigerian authorities in providing aid to their citizens abroad. It also highlights the importance of proactive measures and planning in ensuring the safety of citizens in conflict zones.

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