"funny to watch tho" ~ BBN ex-housemates jump on the Bottle flip challenge [video]

 "funny to watch tho" ~ BBN ex-housemates jump on the Bottle flip challenge [video]

"funny to watch tho" ~ BBN ex-housemates jump on the Bottle flip challenge [video]

In a captivating display of camaraderie, Whitemoney, the sensational winner of BBNaija 2021, recently delighted fans by sharing a video on his verified Instagram page. The footage showcased Whitemoney engaging in a thrilling #Bottleflipchallenge alongside his fellow BBNaija season 6 ex-housemates, namely Saga, Boma, and Emmanuel. The electrifying challenge took place in Whitemoney's stylish apartment, where he served his signature Party Jollof Rice accompanied by refreshing Lipton drinks. This exhilarating spectacle sent the internet into a frenzy, igniting overwhelming reactions from eager netizens.

Amidst an ambiance of excitement, Whitemoney kickstarted the challenge, expertly nailing the bottle flip on his first attempt. Sammy, following closely in Whitemoney's footsteps, successfully completed the flip, adding to the mounting tension. Whitemoney, showcasing his unwavering skills, aced the flip once again, leaving the audience in awe of his expertise. Saga, displaying determination, joined the ranks of successful flippers, creating an atmosphere brimming with friendly competition.
As the challenge progressed, Boma, who had experienced a streak of misfortune, finally found himself fortunate, triumphantly accomplishing the bottle flip and earning a well-deserved moment of indulgence. Sammy, mirroring Whitemoney's impressive performance, managed to conquer the flip for the second time, further heightening the thrill of the challenge. Whitemoney, determined to maintain his status as the undeniable expert, once again conquered the flip, showcasing his unrivaled skills.
However, as the challenge reached its climax, Whitemoney's attempt to enjoy a well-deserved third serving of Party Jollof Rice was momentarily thwarted, as Saga skillfully completed the flip for the second time. Boma, seizing the opportunity, triumphed in the challenge for the second time as well, eagerly savoring the delectable cuisine.
The exceptional reaction displayed by Boma upon savoring the food for the second time has sparked widespread discussions and debates across various online platforms. Netizens, captivated by the sheer excitement of the video, flooded social media with their enthusiastic comments, highlighting the exhilarating nature of the challenge and commending Whitemoney and his fellow ex-housemates for their entertaining performance.

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properties_by_susan: Why boma Dey shine eye like thief 😂 Was so fun to watch No be every time vawulence from housemates

sagadeolu: Guyyysss @bomaakpore is a whole mood I swear 😂 Kai!!! My number 1.

sammielordofficial: I was excited for boma 😂😂😂 baba worked for that meal 😂😂.

shin_shindara: It’s the ending for me why is boma choking on the chicken😭😂.

symply4chune: White Money mind is,God please let this bottle stand biko🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💔💔💔.

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