Mixed reactions as Speed Darlington demands N5k before fans can snap pictures with him [Watch]

 Mixed reactions as Speed Darlington demands N5k before fans can snap pictures with him [Watch]

Mixed reactions as Speed Darlington demands N5k before fans can snap pictures with him [Watch]

A viral video has captured the attention of social media users, showcasing a dramatic altercation between popular musician Speed Darlington and his fans at a bustling shopping mall in Ajah, Lagos State. The incident took an unexpected turn when the artist allegedly demanded a fee of N5k from fans who approached him for a photo opportunity.

The fans, who recognised the musician and wanted a memorable snapshot, were taken aback by his unexpected request. Many expressed their frustration and disappointment with the artist's seemingly arrogant and condescending behaviour. The heated argument quickly escalated, with Speed Darlington attempting to defend his position while his fans became more vocal in their opposition.

In the video, the rapper can be seen engaging in a back-and-forth argument with his fans, attempting to justify his decision to charge for pictures. However, the fans felt humiliated and insulted, with one even mocking the artist's footwear and belittling him for not being successful enough to act like a star.

Another fan questioned Speed Darlington's worth and bragging rights, to which the rapper retorted by lambasting them for following him around the mall. The altercation continued for some time, causing a scene in the shopping mall and attracting the attention of passers-by.

While the incident has sparked discussions about the conduct of celebrities in public spaces, it has left many fans feeling disappointed and disillusioned. Some have voiced their support for Speed Darlington, claiming that he has every right to charge his fans for photos if he so desires. However, others have criticised the musician for his behaviour, stating that it was unnecessary and uncalled for.

The incident serves as a cautionary tale for celebrities, highlighting the importance of maintaining a positive public image. As fans become increasingly discerning and vocal about their expectations, it is crucial for celebrities to demonstrate humility, kindness, and respect towards their fans, who are the lifeblood of their success.

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zakarieeshat3; Lol. Even 2k I no go pay to take pictures with Beyonce. Akpi ti hungry 😂

ebuzztv; As Yoruba get Portable na so Igbo get Speed Darlington 😂😂😂 Both of them are IdamuAdugbo

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