"Na you mumu oh" ~Papaya Ex claps back at her Ex boyfriend who regretted not sleeping with her after spending lavishly

 "Na you mumu oh" ~Papaya Ex claps back at her Ex boyfriend who regretted not sleeping with her after spending lavishly 

"Na you mumu oh" ~Papaya Ex claps back at her Ex boyfriend who regretted not sleeping with her after spending lavishly

Instagram influencer Abike Arab Money, famously known as Papaya Ex, has swiftly responded to allegations made by her ex-boyfriend, Toblad, regarding their tumultuous relationship. In a series of Instagram posts, Toblad lamented the lack of intimate moments during their two-year stint, accusing Papaya of preventing their physical connection. However, Papaya Ex has vehemently refuted these claims, placing the blame on Toblad for his own foolishness. Let's delve deeper into the details and unravel this intriguing saga.

Responding to Toblad's accusations, Papaya Ex effortlessly dismissed his claims, asserting that his naivety and lack of initiative were the reasons behind their relationship's shortcomings. Unfazed by the controversy, Papaya Ex chose to address the matter while enjoying a lively night out with her sister and friend, playfully chanting, "Na you mumu ohh" in unison.

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Toblad had previously disclosed that their relationship commenced in 2021 and during their courtship, he decided to surprise Papaya Ex by replacing her old vehicle with a brand new one. Toblad had chosen a stunning 2014 model Mercedes Benz ML350, priced at N9 million. Initially, he proposed a partial payment arrangement, with Papaya contributing the remaining amount at a later date. However, Papaya Ex, being the independent entrepreneur that she is, opted to pay the full amount upfront.

Tensions began to escalate when Papaya Ex returned from a trip to Ghana, which Toblad suspected was to meet another man. Suddenly, she had a change of heart regarding the car and demanded a refund from the dealer. Unfortunately for Toblad, the dealership stood their ground, refusing to return the money. This disagreement led to a bitter quarrel between the couple, with Toblad expressing his frustration at Papaya Ex's behavior.

To Toblad's dismay, he claims that Papaya Ex resorted to extreme measures by deploying soldiers to physically assault him. This shocking turn of events left Toblad regretting one aspect of their relationship above all others: the lack of intimacy they experienced during their time together.
Toblad wrote; “Omo na me soldier beat o! So if I de vex I know why he de para me now!!! girl use SOLDIER beat me cause of LOVE….. Omo see you tomorrow.

Before God and man Oloun Wetin pain pass for this matter why I talk m na say I no see that KELE nack! And no be so all those times she was fasting na Ramadan time! She girl wey be say during Ramadan I de lodge m for Eko Signature Enh…..

But I gas respect God ok wait make I show una video and date and go back to 2 years ago and check Ramadan if Ramadan no de that time… PAPAYA IYA OBO NISIN YIN NA SARA FOR ME!! “SMALL T” wey you de call me then don yawerey gan he don turn. Masoroju” 

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