Nigeria transgender mum proposes to her new girlfriend [video]

 Nigeria transgender mum proposes to her new girlfriend [video]

Nigeria transgender mum proposes to her new girlfriend [video]

In a heartwarming turn of events, a Nigerian single mother who transitioned into a man has taken the internet by storm with a surprise marriage proposal to her partner, Isabella, who is also a single mother.

Boboski, the transgender man, proposed to Isabella in a beautiful moment captured on video, where he got down on one knee and asked the four-word question. The ecstatic Isabella responded with a resounding 'Yes!'.

The couple met and fell in love after leaving their past relationships with men behind. They celebrated their engagement with a special dinner surrounded by friends, and the romantic gesture was punctuated with the presentation of a beautiful ring.

While the engagement has sparked mixed reactions on social media, with some people showing support and love for the couple, and others expressing opposition and judgment, it is important to recognize that everyone has the right to love and be loved, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation.

In a world that is still grappling with issues of acceptance and equality, Boboski and Isabella's engagement sends a powerful message of hope and love to all those who have felt marginalized and unseen. It is a beautiful reminder that love transcends all boundaries and that everyone deserves to find their soulmate, regardless of who they are or where they come from.

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princess__onuora; Lord we’re ready…pls come and end this 😭

derbie_______001; Wow congratulations Buh God go punish them two sha 🤦‍♀️😩😒

phils_life98; Nigeria government no day see news? Police no day make arrest? E no go better for una

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